javascript step sequencer library

music label for web-native sounds

make drone music with windows

programmable chat rooms

Formal Research


swap ur data with friends

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Javascript step sequencer library for creating rhythm-based websites.

Motor.js is inspired by classic step sequencers and modern music software. Play back arrays of numbers, strings, or objects at a given tempo, and use them to control any element in a webpage.

Manipulate the DOM, play instruments, control text-to-speech

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Soft Object

Soft Object is a music label for artists making real-time, web-native work.


Soft Object serves as a breeding ground for new visual and sonic form on the web. The label's output explores interactivity, dynamic musical structures, chance operations, sampling, collage, and more.

The label's artists challenge the centuries-old format of linearly reproducible music and embrace the possibilities of the internet. Despite recent progress in music-related web technologies, web-based music remains stagnant. Will Urmston founded Soft Object in 2015 in order to push the medium forward.

Desktop Ensemble

Use desktop interactions to make drone music in a peaceful, browser-based environment.2015

Desktop Ensemble uses familiar window management interactions like dragging, resizing, and closing, and explores their functions in a sonic context.

Manipulate the miniature windows to affect the loop duration, pitch, pan, and volume of each voice. Click anywhere on the background to add a new voice.

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Make a chatroom with your friends, and shape its appearance over time through your language. A collaboration with Sara Khan, Lukas Eigler, and Katibelle Sharkey.2016

The visual landscape of each chatroom will evolve independently based on meaning that users assign to words. The word saturday could make the conversation turn sideways. Flower could add a dramatic shadow to the text. The meaning is up to you. Definitions overlap and create new visual styles.

The site features playful interfaces that allow users to program visual meaning into each word. Words can affect the text size, text color, text alignment, text shadow, text rotation angle, font, font size, background color, or background image.

User identity is flexible and does not persist from chatroom to chatroom. This allows for each room to take on a unique identity.


Formal Research

Technological and formal techniques that could come in handy in the future.

Raster Shadow: A function that creates a shadow of an image at a lower resolution behind it. In this example, the shadow's resolution is animated over time.

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Animated Mask: Use shapes and text in an SVG mask and animate the individual layers to reveal elements underneath. This technique could be suited for one or more layers of video or text.

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A clean, slab-serif text face.2015

A high level of readbility and slightly narrow forms make Milo comfortable and economical for longer reads. With its subtle character, derived from its clean slab serifs, Milo is a good fit for contemporary writing.

Additional weights are in development.


A new way to chat with your friends using data from your life. A personal project created with Andrew Udell at an IFTTT company hackathon.2015

IFTTT is a product that connects all your online services and lets you build simple apps by combining them.

Services like Facebook and Google Maps keep mountains of your personal data, yet give you very little access to it. Hi takes advantage of IFTTT's connections to these services and lets you swap your data with friends. It's like trading baseball cards, but with quantified personal data.

Share your camera roll with a friend for 3 days at a music festival. Flirt with your crush by asking for their heart rate. Share data from the near past or give a friend access for the next few days.

Asking for data or denying a friend's request can become an expressive statement or a funny joke. Hi gives you complete control.

Because IFTTT can cross-reference many services, Hi can perform analysis, teaching you things about yourself and your friends that you never knew. Combine Apple Health and Spotify, and you can ask your buddy Karen what music has raised her heart rate the most.

Learn about yourself, learn about your friends, and take control of your data.

Open Source @ IFTTT

A new home and branding for IFTTT's open source projects2015

IFTTT is a big proponent of open source software. It needed a front page for its GitHub projects, primarily as a way to attract engineering talent.


Project-specific branding is below.

Demo animation to show the capabilities of SparkleMotion, an IFTTT project for animated scrolling app intros.

Will Urmston is a designer, musician, and internet enthusiast.

Will graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2016. Previously, he's been a Product Design intern at Facebook and IFTTT.

He loves analog synthesis, human-centric programming paradigms, and emerging web technologies. He enjoys questioning creative tools and designing beautiful interactions.

If you want to chat with, collaborate with, or hire Will, please email him.

Will Urmston is a designer, musician, and internet enthusiast. Say hello!